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Accounting & Finance



Accounting and Finance Staff Contact Information

Name Unit


Title Phone Email
Laura Jackson Accounting & Finance   Accountant Administrator 3 225.342.6868
Annette C. Dunbar Accounting & Finance   Accountant Manager 225.342.6921
Janice Watson Accounting & Finance   Auditor Supervisor 225.342.7292
Robin Carruth Accounting & Finance   Program Auditor 3 225.342.7298
Denise White Accounting & Finance   Program Auditor 2 225-342-7116
Marilyn Randolph Accounting & Finance   Administrative Program Specialist A 225-342-6672
Deborah Jefferson Accounting & Finance   Administrative Coordinator 3 225-342-7143
Camille Rodgers Accounting & Finance   Accountant 3 225-342-9723
Jeanette Herbert Accounting & Finance   Contract Grant Reviewer 1 225.342.7095