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GOEA Executive Staff Contact Information

Name Unit


Title Phone Email
Amanda Smith Executive Staff   Executive Director/General Counsel 225.342.6545
Angela Calhoun Executive Staff   Deputy Assistant Secretary 2 225.342.9677
Laura Jackson Accounting & Finance   Accountant Administrator 3 225.342.6868
Cheri Crain Compliance & Planning State Plan, Strategic Plan, Operational Plan, LaPas, ORM, Mail, Fleet, Legislative Tracking and Grants. Oversees all responsibilities for Compliance & Planning Program Manager 2 225.342.7298
Ebony Phillips Elderly Protective Services Management of the Statewide Elderly Protective Services Program Program Manager 2 225.342.7292
Shavon Humphrey Home and Community-Based Services Statewide Administrator of OAA, Title V and State funded home and community based programs and services, HCBS Department Oversight HCBS Program Manager 2 225.342.6921
Darice Stampley Human Resources New Hires, Separations, Payroll issues, FMLA Approval/Denial, Grievances, Reallocations, Promotions, Demotions, Position Descriptions, Org Chart Updates, CPTP Training Coordinator, ADA Accommodations, Applicant updates for GOEA vacancies, Affirmative Action Plan, Lasers Enrollment, Personnel Manual updates, Back up to all HR Analyst responsibilities Human Resources Director A 225.342.7095