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Disaster Preparedness

Louisiana State - Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs (GOEA) serves as the coordinating body for the aging services network in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an emergency or disaster. GOEA collaborates with Federal, State, and local agencies and/or organizations to ensure that a more comprehensive coordination of resources are readily available to the aging services network in the event of an emergency or disaster anywhere within Louisiana.

If you have special needs or are caring for someone with special needs, it is good to think about preparing for a hurricane or other disaster well in advance.  Emergencies or disasters can occur at any time with or without warningDo you have a plan?

Disasters can be hurricanes, floods, tornados, chemical accidents, acts of terrorism, or other catastrophes. Here are some of the problems it can cause to you and/or your loved ones:

  • Require you or the person you care for to vacate your home or living quarters. If help is needed with evacuation, please contact your parish office of emergency preparedness
  • Prevent you from obtaining the water, food, and medication you need
  • Prevent you from obtaining the electrical power required for dialysis or oxygen
  • Interfere with other home health care or personal assistance you may require
  • Increase episodes of illness or cause you to need medication for stress and anxiety

The time to plan is before the storm arrives! Assemble an Emergency Preparedness Kit. Kits should contain a first aid kit and essential medications, foods that don't require cooking or refrigeration and manual can opener, bottled water, flashlights and a battery-powered radio with extra batteries, copies of important documents and other emergency items for the whole family. Emergency Preparedness and Planning is an ongoing activity that should involve the whole family.


Shelter Volunteer/Caregiver Training Emergency

Emergency Management Disability & Aging Coalition (EMDAC) has developed Shelter Training Modules for volunteers and caregivers who will assist shelter residents who may have disabilities and/or who are elderly and staying in general population shelters.  This training will assist the volunteers and caregivers with:  activities of daily living; companionship; shelter layout; and shelter schedules.  To continue on to the Training Modules, goto:


Get Trained and Volunteer!

Your help is needed in time of a disaster, register to VOLUNTEER now!


Louisiana Nursing Home Association

Do you need to locate a love one who has evacuated or find available nursing home placements? Please call 225-927-5642