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Family Curator Education



Family Curator Education Videos

Video #1 Alternatives to Interdiction

This video reviews alternative options that must be considered prior to seeking interdiction. In Louisiana, when moving forward with interdiction the court will expect to see a genuine effort to seek alternative solutions first.  The checklist may act as a guide to research options.

Video #2 Once you are appointed

This video will identify the next steps once the court has issued a judgement in favor of interdiction. Steps include Certified Letters, record keeping, financial responsibilities, visits, and the Annual Report to the court.

Video #3 Duties Curator of the Person

This session will include information on communication with the interdict and their family, medical professionals/appointments, written plan of care, as well as communication with the undercurator, the courts and the Annual Report. It will also include reasons a curator may be removed.

Video #4 Duties Curator of Property

This video will address the fiduciary duty a curator has for the interdict’s property. This may include possibly posting of a bond, the sale of a home or assets, good record keeping for filing annual accounting with the court, budgeting, and oversight by the undercurator.

Video #5 Expect from the Courts

Designed to educate on the court process, this session walks you through steps with perspective for each party involved. From deciding who will be the curator, to whether you need a complete or limited interdiction, the filings and serving processes, the hearing with the judge and questions that may be asked, through the judge’s ruling and appointments of curator and undercurator.  

Video #6 Reports to the Court

This session will comprehensively address the ANNUAL REPORT to the court with details on what must should be included (bank statements, major purchases, transferred assets, payment to the curator, etc.).  It also discusses steps to take should the interdict regain capacity, and/or Final Reporting at the interdict’s passing.