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Legal Assistance

The purpose of Legal Assistance is to assist older individuals in securing their rights benefits and entitlements. Legal Assistance means legal education, advise or representation by an attorney or other appropriate assistance by a paralegal or law student under the supervision of an attorney and includes counseling or representation by a non-lawyer where permitted by law.

Questions regarding legal assistance may be directed to

"Legal Needs Assessment:  Model Approaches to Statewide Legal Assistance Delivery Systems:
Summary of Findings from the Legal Needs Assessment 2010.  This research was supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging grant #90SL0009/01 awarded to the Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs. Please click for the Legal needs report and survey."

The Center for Elders and the Courts is a website for judicial officials to assist courts on issues related to aging, probate, and elder abuse. It includes video training modules on how to improve a court's ability to recognize elder abuse and to craft appropriate responses that maximize elder's safety and well-being, with an introduction by Judge John Conery, 16th Judicial District Court of Louisiana."