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Caregiver FAQs

Contact the Louisiana Medicare Services office at 1-800-762-4636 or

Inquire at your local Council on Aging. Also, for more information on assistive devices, contact the Department of Health and Hospital and inquire about durable medical supplies at

See your local Council on Aging and and inquire about Legal Assistance.

Are there any in my area? To locate support groups for caregivers who are caring for older people, inquire at your local Council on Aging or

Talk to someone at your local Council on Aging or contact LouisianaAnswers at 1-800-738-2256.

Inquire at the Louisiana Information Station at 1-800-738-2256.

A case manager provides assistance either in the form of access or care coordination in circumstances where the older person and/or their caregivers are experiencing diminishing functioning capacities, personal conditions or other characteristics, which require the provision of services by formal service providers. Contact LouisianaAnswers or the Council on Aging.

Contact your local Council on Aging or call 1-800-738-2256.

Contact Louisiana Medicaid at 1-888-324-6207 or Louisiana Medicare Services at 1-800-462-9666.
Where do I call if I am not satisfied with the services I am receiving? Contact your local Council on Aging.

A senior center is a community focal point where older adults come together for services and activities that reflect, responds to, support and encourage their experiences, skills, diverse needs, interests, dignity, independence and involvement in and with the center and community. See your local Council on Aging.