Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs | State of LouisianaThe Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs serves as a focal point for Louisiana's senior citizens and administers a broad range of home and community based services through a network of Area Agencies on Aging.
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Project Overview

The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is supported by the Administration for Comunnity Living (ACL), and the State of Louisiana.  The Louisiana Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs is the policy-making body that oversees the work of the project. 


The ADRC is designed to:     

* empower individuals to make informed choices,

* streamline access to long-term care supports and services,

* minimize consumer confusion,

* enhance individual choice, and

* enable policy makers and program administrators to effectively respond to individual needs, address system problems, and limit the unnecessary use of high-cost services.


The ADRC hosts the LouisianaAnswers and SenioRX Web sites, which provides information about long-term planning and facilitates access to resources and provides assistance with obtaining low cost or free prescriptions. All Louisianans, especially older adults, caregivers, persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities, now have easier access to local, state, and national resources through one comprehensive Web portal, Louisianaanswers.

Additional presription assistance with medication may be located through the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Patient Assistance Progams. 

At the LouisianaAnswers Web site, users can readily gain information on health, family, legal, finances, community support, environment, and life’s transitions, medicare, medicaid, prescription assistance, insurance counseling and other issues associated with aging and disablity. Depending on their particular needs, users may, at any time, search for services using Louisiana's 9 regional ADRCs, statewide information and referral databases or connect by phone to information specialists using an 800 number.

Each regional office works with local aging and disability service providers to:

* develop and  promotes improved access to long-term supports and care; and

* implement this process through collaboration, enhanced information and referral resources, and the establishment of the position of long-term support options counselors. 

For more information on the ADRC project, contact Sharon Buchert at or call 1-877-340-9100. 

To get ADRC regional office's click here,  ADRC Regional Offices.