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List of Participating Facilities:


October is nationally celebrated Residents’ Rights Month. The Louisiana Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program created Residents Rock! as a community project to help celebrate residents. 

It’s a simple way to let residents know that the community is thinking about them. The project consists of community members painting rocks that are colorful/fun/funny/encouraging and delivering them to participating facilities in a designated drop-off location/box on the grounds of the facility during the month of October. Facilities are involving the residents, too! Facilities are being creative with the rocks; creating indoor/outdoor rock gardens, distributing rocks to residents, making rock paths. Some facilities are having weekly resident “Rock Stars”. The ideas are endless!  

There are over 150 facilities around Louisiana that are participating! 

Please share the Residents Rock! flyer to any local community organizations, schools, or clubs that might be interested. 


Rock Painting Ideas:


Rock Painting YouTube Videos:


Other ways to stay connected with residents:

Residents' Rights Month 2020-Connection Matters


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can communities get involved?

A: Share the flyer with local schools, clubs, and other organizations! Schools can "adopt" a local facility and make it a school-wide art project. Service hours may be offered for students participating in the project. When delivering the rocks, take pictures and use the hashtag #ResidentsRock.


Q: How long is this project?

A: The project will last throughout the month of October. 


Q: Do the rocks have to be painted?

A: No, feel free to use sharpies, markers, etc.


Q: Can I only paint one rock?

A: No, feel free to paint as many rocks as you’d like.


Q: How big should the rock be?

A: Rocks may vary in size. Most rocks will be smaller than the size of your palm.  


Q: Where is the drop-off location at the facility?

A: Drop-off location will vary for each facility. Please reach out to the contact person for that facility for specific details.