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LANA is composed of agencies and individuals who want to make Louisiana a place where people can retire and find activities of interest. Membership is $25 annually and if you would like more information please contact Mike Rome,

Welcome to the Louisiana Aging Network Association (LANA) web page. The aging population in Louisiana is rapidly growing and will soon reach the 1 million mark. As providers of Aging Services, we need to stay abreast of all of the issues and activities that may concern the Aging in Louisiana. The Louisiana Aging Network Association works tirelessly to help the aging citizens in Louisiana deal with the issues they face in today’s social and economic climate. We include all Aging in our efforts, whether they are active and independent, homebound with at home services, or reside in an assisted or total care facility. The Louisiana Aging Network Association, though still small, hopes to grow with the aging population of Louisiana. The Louisiana Aging Network Association hosts an Annual Conference in the Fall of each year. This conference moves to a different area of the state. All agenda topics pertain to some aspect of caring for the aging. Currently the members of the Louisiana Aging Network Association are from all over the state of Louisiana. This provides a great opportunity for networking with members from all aspects of care to the Aging of Louisiana. It is important that we have a strong membership for the Aging Network to be effective for the Aging Population of Louisiana. Anyone that serves the Aging or is a supporter of the Aging is eligible for membership in the Louisiana Aging Network Association. Membership to the Aging Network Association provides access to a network filled with knowledge and contacts for the future of the Aging in Louisiana.

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