*A list of participating facilities will be available on Monday, September 21, 2020*



Rock Painting ideas & inspiration:

Dabbles & Babbles

Colorful Crafts 

Club Chica Circle

Crafts Unleashed

                            https://tipjunkie.com/painted-rocks/ %E2%80%8E               





More Rock Painting Ideas:


o  https://tipjunkie.com/painted-rocks/ 


o  https://plaidonline.com/plaid-palette/august-2017/15-awesome-painted-rock-projects?crlt.pid=camp.YUOffdGKFzwv



Rock Painting YouTube Videos:


o  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3ute0FhlF0


o  https://youtu.be/OD_v8zg26VU?t=58 



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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do the rocks have to be painted?

A: No, feel free to use sharpies, markers, stickers, etc.


Q: Can I only paint one rock?

A: No, feel free to paint as many rocks as you’d like.


Q: Where is the drop-off location at the facility?

A: Drop-off location will vary for each facility. Please reach out to the contact person for that facility for specific details.